Visually change text styles in your theme

AFC is a wp plugin that lets you change the style of texts in your theme using its visual editor. The plugin editor lets you change the appearance of your theme from time to time without any code editing or css knowledge. Just choose the text and change the style. If you know css you can also edit the generated selectors

For more help please visit this link.

Process of changing styles is really easy:

  1. Open the editor
  2. Choose a text
  3. Change the style !

Currently you can change following properties:

  1. Font Family
  2. Font Size
  3. Font Style
  4. Font Weight
  5. Text Color
  6. Text Decoration
  7. Text Shadow
  • After editing properties and saving changes, you can choose to load your selector in only specific page types with specific page ids.
  • The plugin also has a short code that lets you use a selector within your post content.
  • Another most important feature of the plugin is that it lets you use google fonts in your theme.

Enjoy using this free plugin !!